The Funeral -- Pittsburgh, PA

The wake was at Thomas P. Kunsak Funeral Home (3552 California Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15123) and was an open-coffin ceremony.

The coffin was a solid bronze casket with gold plated rails and white upholstery.

Warhol was wearing a black cashmere suit, a colorful paisley tie, a platinum wig, and sunglasses. He was holding a small prayer book and a red rose.

The funeral service was held at the Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic Church, and the eulogy was given by Monsignor Peter Tay. The coffin was covered with white roses and asparagus ferns.

After the funeral service, the coffin was driven 25 miles to St. John Divine Cemetary in Bethel Park.

At the grave site, the priest said a brief prayer and sprinkled holy water three times over the casket. Before the coffin was lowered, Paige Powell dropped a copy of Interview magazine, an Interview t-shirt, and a bottle of Estee Lauder perfume into the grave.

Warhol was buried next to his mother and father, Julia and Andrei Warhola. His tombstone was simply a marble stone with Warhol's name and dates of birth and death.