"Heroes" Related Albums

This is probably one of the first associations of Bowie to the concept of Heroes. In 1974 Decca Record Company in England released Hard-Up Heroes, which contained songs from various artists. Bowie's song on the album was The London Boys (recorded in 1967 and released on 'The World of David Bowie' in 1970).

This is my copy of "Heroes." It was purchased in 1977 at Licorice Pizza on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, Calif. on the day of its release. Licorice Pizza was kitty-corner to the Whiskey. Note: Shrink wrapping is still around the album, and the cost of the album was $4.69 (includes the $1.00 off discount sticker).

This is a rare 8-track copy of "Heroes," also released in 1977. Interestingly, the title track, "Heroes," is separated into two parts--Program 1 contains Part 1 and Program 2 contains Part 2. Click here to view the back cover.

This 1977 German album of "Heroes" contains the German version "Helden." Note: the album cover is identical to the standard release including the word "Heroes" in English.

This 1977 Japanese pressing of "Heroes."

RCA's October 1977 album sampler contains two songs from the album--"Heroes" and The Secret Life of Arabia. Other artists on the album inlcude: Dolly Parton, Henry Mancini and his orchestra, and John Paul Young.
Click here to see the label of Side 1 and Click here to see the label of Side 2.

Bowie Now, also a 1978 RCA promotional release, contains tracks from "Heroes" and 'Low.' Songs from "Heroes" include: V-2 Schneider, Sons of the Silent Age, Neukoln, Joe the Lion, Blackout, and The Secret Live of Arabia.

An Evening with David Bowie, released by RCA in 1978, is an interview album intermingled with several Bowie tracks. The track from "Heroes" is Beauty and the Beast. Other songs on the album include: Ziggy Stardust, Station to Station, and Fame.

Stage was Bowie's second two-record live album, released in 1978. Songs include: "Heroes," Sense of Doubt, Blackout, and Beauty and the Beast.

Bowie! Chameleon was released by Starcall Records in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1979. The album contains two interpretations of Bowie's "Heroes" pose. The cover artwork integrates several previous Bowie eras. The artwork on the back of the album contains a color drawing of Bowie's head, also from the "Heroes" album cover. 'Bowie! Chameleon' is a compilation album and contains three "Heroes" tracks: "Heroes," Beauty and the Beast, and V-2 Schneider.

Bowie 1980, an RCA promotional release in 1979, contains only one song from the "Heroes" album--"Heroes." The artwork on the back of the album contains a picture of the "Heroes" album along with a close-up view of Bowie's head from the album (background picture).

The Best of Bowie was released by K-Tel Records in 1980. The album contains "Heroes" along with numerous Bowie hits, such as Space Oddity, Fame, and Young Americans. [Note: it's still in its shrink wrap.]

Christiane F.--David Bowie--Original Soundtrack from Film, released in 1982 and contains "Helden," Sense of Doubt, and V-2 Schneider. Yes, two separate albums containing the same tracks. The album with only Christiane on the cover was released in Germany.

BOWIE RARE, an RCA Italian release in 1983, contains the German version of "Heroes," "Helden."

David Bowie "Portrait of a Star" was released by RCA in France in 1983. This set contains all three records from the Bowie/Eno trilogy series--'Low,' "Heroes," and 'Lodger.' The back of the album contains one promotional photo from the "Heroes" period. [Note: it's still sealed in its shrink wrapping.]

Golden Years, released by RCA in 1983, contains the song Joe the Lion.
This is one of the few complilation albums without the song, "Heroes." [Note: still sealed and with a promotional sticker.]

"Heroes" was released on compact disc for the first time in 1984. This RCA release is out of print and is considered a collector's item.

Fame and Fashion was released by RCA in 1984. The album contains "Heroes" along with other hit songs.

Sound + Vision, a 3-record/CD compilation, was released in 1989. "Heroes" related songs include: "Helden" (1989 remix version), Joe the Lion, and Sons of the Silent Age. All three songs were on the third record/CD.

CHANGESBOWIE is another compilation of greatests hits. This 1990 album features, you guessed it, "Heroes."

"Heroes," released by RykoDisc in 1991. This re-release contains two additional tracks which were not on the orignial album--Abdulmajid and a remixed version of Joe the Lion. Click here to view limited edition picture inlay.

This "Heroes" compact disc is a 24k gold, limited edition version and was released by RykoDisc in 1991. The disc contains the same songs as above, but the audio quality of the songs was enhanced using 20-bit digital conversion. A must for true Bowie "Heroes" fans like us. Click here to view the back cover.

"Heroes," released by RykoDisc in 1991, is in its original long box packaging and still sealed. This is quite rare. For those who do not remember, compact discs were originally sold in long boxes. They were packaged in long boxes because record stores were displaying the compact discs in the old bins that once housed the old 12 1/2-inch squared vinyl records. However, many consumer and environmental groups complained about the unnecessary use of cardboard and plastic wrapping. Consequently, the long box was discarded. Click here to view the back cover.

Bowie/Eno Sampler was also released by RykoDisc in 1991. This sampler contains songs from the triology series--Low, "Heroes," and Lodger. The "Heroes" songs include: "Heroes," Joe the Lion, and Abdulmajid

Bowie The Singles 1969 to 1993, released in 1993, is a two-record/CD compilation of hits, featuring the songs "Heroes" and Beauty and the Beast. The album also included an additional compact disc which contains the Bowie/Bing Crosby version of Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy. This duet was recorded within a short time after the release of "Heroes" and a couple of weeks prior to Crosby's death.

The Bridge School Concerts album contains a live version of "Heroes." This album was recorded in 1996 and released by Reprise Records in 1997. Proceeds from the album (and concert) were donated to the Bridge School in Hillsborough, California. Bridge School is a facility which serves people with speech and physical disabilities.

Best of Bowie 1974/1979 contains three tracks from the "Heroes" album. These include: "Heroes," The Secret Life of Arabia, and Beauty and the Beast. This album was released in 1998.