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"Heroes," the album and the song, is one of David Bowie's most creative and inspirational masterpieces. "Heroes" is the second album from a trilogy series with Brian Eno, another pioneer and innovator in popular music. The other two albums are: Low and Lodger.

Bowie moved to Berlin in 1977 move away from the 'fast paced' self-destructive live-style in Los Angeles. Prior to his move, Bowie was involved in drugs and alcohol, and his health was deteriorating rapidly. Bowie moved to Berlin to detoxify his body and his spirit. Bowie lived in the Turkish section of Berlin called 'Kreuzberg.' Supposedly, Bowie lived over a used car lot and rode around town on a bicycle.

This web site explores both the song and the album. We hope to provide everyone with more insight into Bowie's writings during this critical time, and we hope this site will lead to greater appreciation of this 70's masterpiece.

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A Small Tribute to Marc Bolan

Kely Mi's Interpretative Drawings

"Heroes" 'Joe the Lion' 'Sons of the Silent Age'
'Moss Garden' 'Beauty and the Beast' 'Sense of Doubt'