The Pose

For some reason, Bowie's angular pose on the album cover has intrigued many people. Two components of this black & white photograph stand out--Bowie's 'look' or stare and his left hand.

Over the years, I am surprised at how many artists have painted or drawn the pose, including Bowie himself. In fact, when the album was released in 1977, I asked my mother to paint a color interpretation (see below). As mentioned in the section titled 'The Song and the Controversy,' the pose is based on a self-portrait by Gramatte.

Gramatte's Self-Portrait

Bowie's Own Interpretation

Sophie Starkow's Color Interpretation

Sherry's Interpretation

Kely Mi's Interpretation

Tyler Adams' Interpretation

Jess's Interpretation of Bowie's Head

Bowie! Chameleon -- Album cover released by Starcall Records

Bowie! Chameleon -- Color artwork on the back cover

Bowie 1980 -- Artwork on the back cover [note head in background]

Blue Pose -- From the booklet included in the 1989 'Sound + Vision' 3-record/CD compilation.

John Travolta's Interpretation??