"Heroes" Related Videos

Serious Moonlight, released by Music Media in 1984, is a 90-minute video of Bowie's 1983 World Concert Tour. The concert was filmed at the Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum on September 12, 1983. The video contains one song from the album: "Heroes".

Ricochet, released by Jem Records in 1984, is a one-hour documentary of Bowie's travels in the Far East. The documentary contains a few concert clips from the 1983 tour. The video contains two songs from the album "Heroes" and Sense of Doubt. Sense of Doubt is played in the background of a few scenes while Bowie is touring the community. Bowie also sings "Heroes" in its entirety including the Lavender's Blue introduction which he often includes in his live verion of the song. Only one of Bowie's record albums is shown on the video. The album is "Heroes," and it is held by a fan who is waiting to catch of glimpse of Bowie.

Glass Spider, released by MPI Home Video in 1988, is a 100-minute video of Bowie's Glass Spider Tour in 1987. Of the 20 songs, Bowie sings "Heroes" and Songs of the Silent Age. The concert was filmed at the Entertainment Center in Sydney, Australia on November 7 and 9, 1987. In the begining of his performance of "Heroes," Bowie is tied up and Toni Basil slowly removes the ropes.

Bowie: The Video Collection, released by Ryko Vision in 1993, contains 25 Bowie videos filmed between 1972 and 1990. The tape contains Bowie's "Heroes" video. The video was filmed in color. Bowie sings directly to the camera with a bright light shining from behind. Here are four scenes from the video: