Andy Warhol's Death

If you are reading this web page, then your life was probably affected by Andy Warhol's death on February 22, 1987. I was sitting in a resturant in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois when a friend of mine broke the news to me. The next day, the headlines on the Village Voice read, "Is God Dead?"

This web site is a tribute to the death of Andy Warhol. I figured that since there are many books, and likely future web sites which will applaud his life, I might as well inform people about his death.

Table of Contents

Finales ...
The Problem -- Gall Bladder Infection
The Hospital and Death
Death Inquiry
The Funeral -- Pittsburgh, PA
The Grave Site -- St. John the Baptist Catholic Cemetary, Bethel Park, PA
Interpretation of Warhol's Headstone
Memorial Service
Quotes About Death by Andy Warhol
My Tribute Picture